bleet blog

mock blog post!! hello.

DATE: some day, some month, 20XX.
MOOD: sleepy..
quick thought: "M cool.. i kiss hin.. (my thought every day)"
started tinkering around with how to make a lil blog page. but instead of making a system for myself, i decided to use Marina Kittaka's zonelets to make a blog!

click here to go to the true bleet blog. (:

i'll keep this page up to pose as a parody page of sorts, since I put the time in the make it.

so... what to talk about... how to make filler text...
i could talk just about anything, but i can't say that i know what would be more fitting or fun.. uuhh.. so... how about these ads? they do anything for ya? ...pretty cool.. supporting other webmasters and junk.. yeaahhh..!

oh i know!! look at these pictures i took once upon a time ago:

battle mode on pop'n sunny park! 1P & 2P M.. i wanted to see the reaction side by side. ^^



name: re/ren
age: 28
♥: mango, bugs, a certain godboy.. i won't say!!

there used to be these cute animated blog parts konmai let you add to your blog. wish they could be salvaged!