re/ren (either or).
jan. 18, 1994.
⚧ transmasc nonbinary GNC.
none pronoun, they/them OK.
aroace spec, QPR haver.
SE asian american.
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hi my name is re/ren. i share my birthday with sanrio's my melody, so she's been my fave for that since i was a kid. i'm transmasc nonbinary, but quite GNC, so i don't really care how i look to other people.

i am on the aromantic asexual spectrum. i probably am a fictosexual as well, but the only F/O i have is MZD from pop'n music. he has been my comfort for over a decade now and i don't think i'll ever love another fictional character the same. i am a yumejoshi lil dreamer with a one track mind. aside from my relationship with M (i call him this for short because often i am too shy to write... whole three ass letters. yes.), i have a queer platonic relationship with one partner, who i love very dearly.

i am also multiracial—i am mixed lao, filipino, chinese, and a smidge of irish. i was born and raised in america. my family came here as refugees during the america vietnam war, making me 2nd generation. even though i'm mixed, i grew up under my mom's side, so i most identify with being lao american. *nop*

the general themes you might see around, aside from me being really gay and weird and stuff lol:

that's all for now. if that was all too long to read, i'm sorry! because i sure as hell feel the same way, lol. i'll put a "WANT TO DO" list here later (btw, the melo stickers are from LINE, so i'm aware they play twice and then stop. maybe i'll fix it? maybe i like it? oh well).

click the mzd cubes for a page of things... i don't know what i'm doing.